Why Hiring a Nanny May Be Best for Your Household

Why Hiring a Nanny May Be Best for Your Household

If you’ve never experienced the agony of leaving your screaming child at daycare, consider yourself lucky. There’s no easy way to remove your child’s clutching arms from your leg as you try to leave, promising that you’ll return at the end of the day to pick him up. And his pleas for mommy or daddy will ring in your ears long after your own tears have dried and you’ve arrived at work for the morning.

It seems inhumane to leave your children with virtual strangers in a foreign environment for 8 hours a day. Sure, they’ll get used to it eventually, but at what cost to a child’s development? Most families in the U.S. either struggle to afford daycare or struggle on a reduced income to have one stay-at-home parent, making child care a difficult discussion. However, an oft-overlooked option is hiring a nanny to take care of your children at home. While the concept seems very elite, nanny care is more convenient, more beneficial, and can be more affordable than full-time daycare.

Better for busy schedules

Parents who have nannies at home don’t worry about the logistics of dropping off and picking up children from daycare. That means more time to focus on work or personal errands. It also allows parents to be in more places at once in the event of a service technician coming to the home or receiving a package. And depending on the arrangement, nannies may also take children to necessary appointments.

Keep your children in a controlled environment

Hiring a nanny allows children to stay insulated from various germ sources they would be exposed to regularly in a daycare facility. They will also be free from the influence of other kids at daycare who may need better discipline at home. Additionally, parents can rest assured that their children are getting family-approved nutrition straight from their own pantry.

Personalized care for your family

In-home care providers are able to give children individualized care and spend valuable time with them during crucial developmental stages. They’re also available on a schedule that meets the weekly demands of your household. Nannies are frequently considered part of the family and they develop lasting bonds with children, ensuring kids are cared for by someone who’s invested in their growth. 

Cheaper than daycare for multiple children

Daycare centers charge parents the same weekly price per child, which can be costly  (in some instances, there is a nominal discount for siblings). When hiring a nanny, their hourly salary is typically fixed with only slight increases for a household with more than one child. A nanny’s salary can also be negotiated based on the arrangement. If use of a family vehicle is permitted or room and board is provided, those expenses can be partially factored out of a nanny’s salary..

While daycare does have its merits, hiring a nanny may still be the best option for your family dynamic and parenting style. It’s important to consider all the options when deciding what’s best for your household’s needs and the well-being of your children.